Mr. Raymond S. Ejembi.
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About Me

The Chairman/CEO, Africa Supper Leader Global Limited.Mr. Raymond S. Ejembi is a pioneer founder and the chief executive of Africa Super Leader Global Limited, Raysparkle and Super Leader. A seasoned entrepreneur, with investments in Fishery, Agriculture, Transportation and Movie Productions.

Mr. Raymond S. Ejembi was born on the 23rd of October, 1977. In 1983 he began his foray into education, starting with a primary at LGEA, Jericho Eke Primary School. And a secondary school at Ekenebi High School between 1991-1997.

He is a pioneer extraordinaire, with deep experiences in practical success principles that have set him perpetually at the top of the food chain. 


Directors' Message

It is my absolute delight to be able to find time from my busy schedules in order that I might pen down this brief message.

I have always felt that our generation, especially within the geographical location of Africa, has significantly fallen short of expectations. We have left unaddressed, a very sensitive challenge of unemployment and disempowerment, such that we now have, on our hands, an overwhelming proportion of human, material and economic waste. All around us are scattered clusters of unemployed and unemployable youths. And before our very watch the values we once held sacred are blatantly destroyed. And in its place are left ruins of misdirection, false values and lack of hope.

An average youth in Africa does not, in all honesty, believe Africa has such fundamental dream enablers. There is such a deeply rooted thought on the mind of the average African youth that whatever chances he or she will have to make true his or her dreams lie, not in Africa but outside Africa. This is our reality, and it is unfortunate. We, obviously, cannot continue to allow such generational waste.

It is therefore my earnest desire that this humble message will resonate with you and inspire in you such deeply rooted desire to partner with us, through the sponsorship of some of our programs.     

Africa Supper Leader Global Limited was birthed in the year, 2014. We began, at the time, with staging a beauty pageant contest for young men and women of African descent. The purpose, of course, was to inspire our youths for global achievement, inculcate in them, through weeks of rigorous trainings, the shared values that were once the barn of African traditions and to once again give them reasons why it has now fallen to them to build the Africa of their choice.

This is no small task. And as such, we recognize that they must necessarily need spring boards, or what I have termed, enablers. It is in the light of this that we have provided such other enablers as football competitions, television reality shows; cultural competitions and talent hunt shows across the continent of Africa. Responses have poured in from different countries of Africa. And competitions after competitions we have had to increase our budgets, expand our goals and increase the number of participants per competition. And we have remained the sole sponsor of these competitions.

There is, no doubt, more to be done. And we will continue to do more within the stretch of our capacity. But we also recognize that, where one can chase a thousand, two will definitely chase ten thousand. There is indeed no doubt that with your kind support, we will do much more. And much more of our youths in Africa will be inspired and enabled to live their dreams in Africa.

Thank you.