Africa Super Leader Global Limited is a non-governmental organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, with an objective to empower the youth and the unemployed in Nigeria.

Face of Golden Rules Nigeria is an online competition of an empowerment program of Africa Super Leader Global Limited, which empowers its participants through competitive, yet entertaining games. Participants (male and female) from across the country are rigorously selected and are in turn required to source votes for themselves so as to win Face of Golden Rules Nigeria.

The winner of the competition emerges only when he/she garners the highest number of votes cast. To vote, participants are required to send SMSs to a short code that shall, periodically, be provided to them. And they are to send a keyword that shall be provided for the competition.

The competition shall run in phases, each phase lasting for only three months. At the end of which a winner shall emerges.

It is our mandate that through vigorous and competitive games like this, our unemployed youths will be taken off the streets one person at a time.

Africa Super Leader Global Limited is willing to receive application and/or proposal from sponsors and partners for sponsorship and partnership. We guarantee that the terms of engagement shall be beneficial to parties involved.    


  1. Fill the Face of Golden Rules Nigeria form and submit after you have made payment of #2, 500 to the account detail below.
  2. Text the keyword (Ray), your full name and the form number on the top right corner of the form to the short code (32811).
  3. You will receive an instant response via the same short code. If you didn’t receive any message after 10 seconds, check to know if your line is on DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. If so, deactivate it by selecting ‘remove full DND’. Resend the keyword, your full name and your form code to the short code. You should be able to receive the instant response.
  4. Begin to converse for votes from your friends, fans and family.
  5. You are to be voted for by asking your friends, fans and family to type the keyword (space) your name (space) your form code and sending to the short code already provided for this game.   
  6. The more you are voted for the higher your chances of winning.
  7. The promo runs from February through April, 2020.
  8. The star prize is a Car and a round trip to Dubai.
  9. The results of the votes shall be published bi-weekly on our website, instagram and facebook.
  10. At the end of three months, the winner shall be announced.



  • All the Queens are to give us a minimum of 60 candidates between them.
  • These 60 or more candidates are to campaign and seek votes from friends, fans and families.
  • These 60 or more candidates will be made to compete between themselves for votes for 90 days.
  • There will be bi-weekly publication of results on our official instragram, facebook and our website.
  • The winner shall emerge from the highest votes count.
  • The winner shall be entitled to a car and a round trip to Dubia.
  • The Golden Rules Nigeria forms shall have codes to differentiate them.
  • How to vote shall be to send the keyword (space) the candidates’ name (space) the form code on the top right corner of the candidates form (Which shall then become the candidates’ code).
  • All the 60 or more candidates shall send the keyword (space) their names (space) their respective form codes on their respective forms to the short code (32811). E.g. Ray (candidates name) (form code) to 32811.
  • Votes shall begin on a date after the forms have been distributed. Voting shall begin simultaneously for everyone.
  • The candidates are to can-verse for their individual votes from friends, fans and families.


The Queens shall have two weeks to distribute the forms to candidates of choice. The form shall also be online and on our website for download.

NOTE; Everyone that sends the keyword to the short code MUST receive an automatic response via the short code. Where that is not the case for you, do know that you have activated a DND (Do Not Disturb) on your phone which will prevent you from receiving the automatic response and subsequent questions via the short code. To receive the automatic response and subsequent questions via the short code, kindly request from your network provider to help you deactivate the DND already activated on your line.

Alternatively, you can deactivate the DND yourself at the point of sending the keyword to the short code. To deactivate the DND yourself, simply text the keyword (Ray) to 32811, at which point an automatic message will appear on phone requesting you to choose any of the options below;

  1. Deactivate partial DND
  2. Remove full DND

Choose Remove full DND, by pressing 2 and sending it. Once that is done, you will be able to send the keyword and receive questions via the short code.