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Golden Rules Nigeria is a reality TV show organized by Africa Supper Leader Global Limited and presented on televisions across Africa.

In Golden Rules Nigeria, 12 contestants are admitted into the show through a rigorous selection process from across Africa, and are made to live, under strict rules, in an isolated house for three months. During which they are made to compete for a large sum of money, avoiding being evicted by viewers at home. The objectives of the reality TV show are as follows;

Objective One: The Golden Rules Nigeria Reality Television Show is aimed at promoting oneness and love for others. This is especially needed now that Nigeria and indeed Africa has been divided along the lines of languages, Religions, cultures, traditional differences and beliefs.

Objective Two: To succinctly bring to the fore the individuals’ character strength through several stressful trials and through series of pleasant and unpleasant conditions, in relation to themselves.

Objective Three: Golden Rules Nigeria Reality Television show aims to contribute to the democratic system in Nigeria by promoting and encouraging viewer participation, via SMS, once in a week throughout the three months duration of the show. To the effect that the decisions of viewers on television have a considerable impact on the survival or eviction of participants.

Objective Four: Golden rules Nigeria reality television show is on, to bring Nigeria and the world at large under the umbrella of agape love.

Eviction of Rules

Rule One: Eviction is effected if and when all of the below tendencies are noticed and/or exhibited by any participant of the Reality TV Show. Such tendencies as; selfishness, corruption (as shall be deemed so by us), arrogance, nepotism, pride, sin, backbiting, killing, laziness and ignorant.

Rule Two: Eviction shall be effected if it is noticed, at any point during the show, that any of the participants gave false information about him or herself. And where the show has ended, and a participant crowned the winner of the competition, and it is discovered that that participant gave false information about him or herself, he or she shall immediately be recalled and the crown striped from him or her and immediately given to the first runner up.

Rule Three: Eviction shall happen every Saturday of the week during the period of the Reality TV Show. And the time of eviction shall be the Nigerian time. The criteria for eviction, under normal circumstance, shall be on account of lesser number of vote garnered in a week from viewers across Africa, such that candidate(s) with lesser number of votes is evicted from the show. He or she will be entitled, only, to the certificate of participation.



Procedure for Hosting Golden Rules Nigeria

Golden Rules Nigeria is a Reality TV Show that is hosted yearly in different States across Nigeria over a period of three months. The Reality TV Show commences on the 1st of February and ends on the 31st of March of every year.

Twelve (12) participants/candidates are admitted from different cultural, religious, ethnic background from across Africa and are made to live and are watched under strict rules for a period of three months.

Typically, the forms go on sale two months prior to the month of commencement on all the social media platforms, electronic media, Print media and on our website.

The cost of the forms is determined, yearly, by the host.

There is only one winner of the Golden Rules Reality Television Show. There is no first or second runner up. All the prizes go to the winner of the show.


The prize given to the overall winner is determined by the host and is given on the day the winner of the show emerges or is announced. The prize is given in company of such persons or personalities that the host shall decide to invite for the occasion.

Variations to the rules as listed above shall be determined only by the host; whether it is a last minute variation such that communication of such could not be effected or it is such that there is sufficient time to communicate them to whoever it might concern.















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