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Africa Supper Leader Global Limited Objectives in a Nutshell

At the Africa Supper Leader Global Limited, we make fundamental the grooming of the image of the African youth. We are a company that recognizes that achievement is built on a succession of efforts deliberately made towards achievement, and we also recognize that every achievement requires a platform. That is why we have, ourselves, decided to be this much needed platform through which dreams are birthed and accomplished, goals and height attained and the youths inspired to live out good values. 

We strive, together with the African Youths, to achieve excellence and accomplishment in their chosen careers, and this we do regardless of race, tribe, tongue and religion. For us, what are important are not the petty inconsequential matters that drive Africa apart, but the human and material exegesis that make globalization possible for Africa and Africans. That is why we do what we do at Africa Supper Leader Global Limited.


Our Objectives;

We have six media through which our goals and objectives are achieved. And all these six means are essentially youth focused and youth inspired;

  1. Beauty Pageant (Miss Super Leader Nigeria); This is a platform through which beauty pageants/competitions are organized. And again, the primary target is the youth. But what is unique about our pageants is that we look beyond just a pretty face. We inspire, through this means, the winners of the pageants, such that they are purposely groomed into positions of leadership, at local levels and at global levels.
  2. Face of Golden Rules; Golden rules Nigeria, is a reality TV show presented by Africa Super Leader Global Limited where 12 contestants live in an isolated house for three months and compete for a large sum of money, avoiding being evicted by viewers at home. A number of rules are set for them which are termed golden rules, violation of one or more of these rules results in immediate eviction.


The sole purpose or objective of this game is to teach our youths, tolerance and manners. And the resultant effect is that they learn, in time, to accommodate one another and begin to see that there is more that bind us together than that which divides us.

  1. Football Tournament; This is the only tournament that synergizes the different entities, especially, in Nigeria. But we also realized that it is one tournament that is quickly losing relevance in our schools and among our youths today. So, as a company, we thought we could revive this culture, and again, bring football tournament back to our schools. We organize football tournaments in all the schools in Nigeria, and we do this State by State. And we have seen invigorating results.
  2. Movie Production; We also, through the production of cinema rated movies, engage our youths productively. We harness and fine-tune their acting talents to a global standard until they are able to stand on their own.
  3. Music Production; This is one area that has seen a lot of youthful influx over the past years, and it is still growing. In Africa, it has never been about the shortage of talents, it has always been about the provision of platforms. And we have, through our platforms, raised a substantial number of musical artists in Nigeria. And we are set to do more. The objectives is to, through this medium, give our youths a lot more career options such that they are not boxed into the prevailing stereotype in Nigeria.
  4. Super Search; This is a reality television show where participants are required to search out hidden treasures within a specific period. And the winner is given a prize. The essence, of course, is to groom our youthful participants into the development of core values necessary for a productive and competitive life anywhere in the world

Africa Supper Leader Global Limited is clearly committed to the development of the African youth solely through entertainment. We believe that the susceptible vices that trap our youths can be overcome if they are properly engaged. In Africa, it has never been about the shortage of talents, it has always been about the lack of provision; whether it is inform of the provision of sponsorship or platforms. Come to Africa Supper Leader Global Limited and be part of a global idea.      






Why Choose us


To be the foremost entertainment platform, acting as beacon of hope for the Nigerian youth firstly, and the African youth at large.

Our Mission


To consistently strive towards the provision of empowerment programs, through consistent organization of competitive and superior entertainment contest in Nigeria and in Africa.

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Our Core Values;






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