Africa Supper Leader Global Limited is a multifaceted private company which prioritizes entertainment as a medium of empowering African youths and youths of African descent. We develop concepts, through the medium of beauty pageant, football competition and reality television shows, that target the youths of Africa.

In Africa Supper Leader Global Limited, we believe that a focus on the youths of Africa is a focus on the future of Africa. We believe that if we can get it right with the youths, especially, in a world where values are quickly eroding and dreams becoming more difficult to realize, we can certainly get it right with Africa. And, quite frankly, there is no better time to inspire, remodel, refocus and reshape our youths than now.

Join us at Africa Supper Leader Global Limited and be part of a global dream of paring African Youths, shoulder to shoulder, with their global counterparts.  

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