Template for the Queen’s Dinner/Fund Raising Party.

This is a dinner party for Queen Elizabeth Ande, Miss Super Leader Nigeria of Africa Super Leader Global Limited organized in conjunction with Dehive Restaurant.  And this template, in the absence of another, could constitute a working plan for the above titled dinner party.

  • Introduction: This would be done to recognize the invited dignitaries such as Queens, High profile men and women and other distinguished guests. And it would be done by the programs moderator.
  • Objective of the Dinner Party: The General Manager, at this point would be required to briefly discourse the objective of the Dinner Party.
  •  Queen Elizabeth would be required to further elaborate on the objective by discussing a number of pet projects that need funding.
  • Fund Raising: The moderator shall, at this point, begin to raise fund for the pet projects previously discussed. This, of course, shall be brief too.
  • Performances: At this point the invited guest artists (if there be any) shall then be introduced to perform. 
  • Party Proper: The party shall begin at this point and shall continue till the end.

Queen Elizabeth shall send you a copy of her photograph for this event to enable you with the design of the program’s invitation card. And you are to send a soft copy of the design/invitation card to her for more publicity.

I also think a poster (in soft copy) advertising this Party be sent to her so she can post it on her status and also send to interested Queens. Since this event is strictly by invitation it would be wise she has a poster advertising it on her status for credibility purposes.

Kindly write us on misssuperleadernigeria@gmail.com  

Knowledge skills

On our part, we are putting plans in place to first meet with all the interested queens. The date and time of this meeting shall be communicated to you as soon as we can arrange it. And on your part do keep us updated with activities and plans for the Dinner Party. We want to make sure we are on the same pa Desires

It is our earnest desire that at the end of the party our collective goals shall be achieved. Africa Super Leader Global Limited greatly appreciates this partnership.  

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